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Perfect Fit period underwear is specially designed underwear that can absorb period blood. It is made to replace commercial single-use pads that mostly contain harsh toxic chemicals and take 500-800 years to decompose.

  • Rinse Perfect Fit with cold water as soon as you take them off until the water runs clear.
  • For machine wash: Put Perfect Fit in the washing machine after rinsing. Wash on a cold cycle (max 30 degrees), do not use the dryer.
  • For hand wash: Wash Perfect Fit with water & soap or bleach-free detergent.
  • Hang dry your Perfect Fit under direct sunlight. Did you know sunlight has natural anti-microbial properties that are good for your undies?


  • Soak for too long
  • Use fabric softener or bleach
  • Iron
  • Dry in the dryer
  • Dry clean at the laundry

Of course! don't worry. Perfect Fit period underwear is equipped with 4 special layers that can absorb up to 20 ml of blood.

To ensure, when rinsing period underwear, make sure the water is clear and doesn't smell like blood.

Currently, we offer 4 styles of period underwear with 3 different absorbance capacities:

🩸🩸 Bikini Brief = 5 - 10 ml (light flow: equivalent to 2 pads)

🩸🩸 Smooth Bikini = 5 - 10 ml (light flow: equivalent to 2 pads)

🩸🩸🩸 Midi Brief = 10 - 15 ml (heavy flow: equivalent to 3 pads)

🩸🩸🩸🩸 Full Brief = 15 - 20 ml (overnight flow: equivalent to 4 pads)

Fact: The average amount of bleeding per menstrual cycle ranges from 5 ml to 80 ml. 🩸

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When outside, it's best to carry several clean period underwear and a pouch. Dirty period underwear can be stored in the pouch and washed as soon as you can.

Yes, our period underwear is free from chemicals and vegan. We are OEKO TEX certified and clinically tested free from PFOS & PFOA, copper, silver, and nanoparticles.

This depends on your menstruation. If you have a longer and heavier period, we recommend 6-8 pairs of Perfect Fit. If you have a shorter and lighter period, around 4-5 pairs should be enough.

Typically, you need to change period underwear 2-3 times a day, everyone's different depending on their menstrual flow.

Perfect Fit can be used for up to 100 washes or 5 years.

We recommend a maximum usage of 8 hours, but it depends on everyone's flow. If it's heavy, it's better to change period underwear every 4-6 hours for cleanliness and comfort.

We do not recommend using our period underwear for swimming. But if you really want to use them, make sure to wear a new pair of period underwear before swimming (so there's not much menstrual blood in the period underwear), and we recommend using the Classic Bikini style due to its lighter material.

If the blood stains won't come out, you can try washing them again using baking soda.

Blood stains on period underwear that are hard to remove and leave marks can be due to a reaction with the pH of the vaginal acid. Natural bacteria in the vaginal area and oxidation can also affect the difficulty of removing blood stains.

The way period underwear works is similar to regular pads in that they can absorb clotted blood, except for larger blood clots.

Reusable pads can be used with regular underwear

The absorption capacity of period undies and reusable pads varies depending on the style of period undies and reusable pads.

There are several factors that can cause period undies to leak, such as using the wrong size, wearing period undies for too long, or having a very heavy period. It's recommended to use the right size and style of period undies and change them every 4-6 hours.

Currently, the absorbent layer of period undies cannot be replaced.

Period underwear can be worn without adding reusable pads, as they already come with an absorbent layer that can absorb blood.

All of our products are designed by Indonesian talented designers and produced by an Indonesian manufacturer. Our manufacturer has a Gold Certificate of Compliance from the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) Certification Program.

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