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  • About Us

    Perfect Fit is award-winning, women-led enterprise reshaping menstrual health in Asia. Born in 2018 between Bali and Flores Island, Indonesia, we've grown from a humble social project into a pioneering force for sustainable menstrual care and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock boundless potential in every woman. We're here to shake up the norm, creating spaces where women and girls can freely embrace their identity, their bodies, and their rights. It's not just about menstrual care – it's about a sustainable revolution that empowering lives.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where every woman, irrespective of her background, can reach her dreams without limits. That's the future we're building. Leading the charge in menstrual care, we're all about challenging the status quo. Whether it's defying gender norms, bridging socioeconomic gaps, or championing inclusivity for all ages and abilities, we're on it. Our goal is to empower every woman, every day, everywhere.

  • We believe period and gender should not be our limitation
  • We champion women-led innovation and positive education
  • We create impact for women and environment
  • We nurture empathy and kindness for all beings

Meet Our Founders

Tungga Dewi and Riesa Putri first met in 2017 while working together at Kopernik. Initially, they, like many others, underestimated the importance of menstrual health. Their perspective shifted upon learning a startling fact: 1 out of 4 girls in Indonesia never discussed menstruation with anyone before experiencing their first period, a reality they too faced as teenagers. This taboo not only hinders girls and women from breaking barriers in their schools, careers, and lives but also stifles innovation in period products.

Determined to change this, Riesa and Tungga founded Perfect Fit. Their vision was to pioneer innovative solutions and drive social change in menstrual health, empowering women and girls. To achieve global impact, Perfect Fit pledge to give education and reusable pads to marginalized women for every purchase of the product.

Our Partners & Supporters

Discover our stories, partnerships, and education to make positive impacts

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