Hidden cost behind our period

On average, a woman will use over 11,000 disposable period products in their lifetime. Imagine to multiply this by 800 million of menstruating women globally.

Conventional pads contain harmful chemical for us and create massive waste on our landfill and ocean.

The Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit products built to last for years. They are reusable for 100x times and produced locally in Indonesia. This will cut a significant environmental footprint compared to conventional pads, as well as supporting the local economy through job creation.

Understanding period poverty

Period poverty is when someone does not have access to period products, education, and facilities to support themselves to manage their menstruation well - with dignity.

In Indonesia, 12 million women and girls are suffering from period poverty, including us in urban areas. However, the challenges will be a lot harder for women and girls in remote areas, when access to most of the things is more limited compared to urban areas.

Social impact on period poverty

We believe that menstrual equity is critical to empower women and girls When someone can not manage their period properly, it can influence their capabilities to function properly at work and/or schools.

That’s why we build Perfect Fit to have an inclusive business model by giving back to the community. They way we do it is by donating one reusable pad and providing menstrual health education for every purchase of period underwear sold.

Our commitment

Our impact report:

  • Donated 3,228 reusable pads to women in need through 1-1 model & CSR

  • Supported 797 women in need to get access to reusable pads

  • Empowered 10 women to have sustainable income

  • Diverted 40,000 pads from the landfill

  • Reduced 1,500 polybags with our eco-friendly packaging