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Cycle syncing: How to regain your power by Living in line with your menstrual cycle

Cycle syncing: How to regain your power by Living in line with your menstrual cycle

by Liv Wage


Have you heard about cycle syncing? In order to be the best, powerful versions of yourself, some menstruators adjust their lives to the phase they are in of our menstrual cycle. This has also come to be known as ‘cycle syncing’, in which habits and lifestyle choices are attuned with phases of the menstrual cycle. 

Some of the benefits of cycle syncing can include: 

  • Bringing hormones into balance
  • Make better use of energy,  therefore you feel less drained
  • Feel more balanced and experience less mood swings 
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Work out more effectively with more results 
  • Increase libido

To get you familiar with it, we have broken down some habits you can integrate into your life to feel more empowered. Let’s take control over our hormones and make use of our strength! 

Phase 1: Menstruation phase

We can call also them: winter, new moon, midnight 

During your period you might feel lower in energy, more introverted, and you may experience mood changes - like you often experience during winter time and midnight. However, menstruation is also representing your new moon, an introspective time and new beginnings as we will plant new seeds for spring or our follicular phase.


Being more vulnerable to using up energy quickly, listen to your body and plan your agenda accordingly. Enjoy time by yourself and create room for feeling and reflecting. 

This is not the time to plan important work meetings or to decide to contact all your friends for social plans. Focus on you! Plan a nice self-care evening with a good book or your favorite comfort show, grab some blankets and candles and get cozy.  


Giving you and your body rest is key during menstruation. Do some yoga or take some light walks outside. Save that HIIT class for later!


Drink tea and have warm foods. Use comforting spices like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. As you are losing blood, it is useful to choose iron rich foods, such as beans and spinach. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and salty foods. 

Phase 2: Follicular phase (pre-egg release)

We can also call them: spring, waxing moon, sunrise 

With your period completed and estrogen levels rising, so will your energy! You might feel like going out and meeting people, as your mood and confidence are going up. 


Make use of your energy boost and try new things! Your need for social connection may make it perfect to discuss that new business idea or collaborate on a creative project. 


Although hormones are starting to rise, you might not feel like high-intensive exercise yet. Incorporate some light cardio like a hike, run or some flow yoga. 


Your body is trying to get estrogen up in preparation for your ovulation, so foods that help this will benefit your body. Eat sprouted and fermented foods like kimchi, tempeh, kombucha and avoid processed and refined foods, as this might negatively impact ovulation. 

Phase 3: ovulation (egg release)

We can also call them: summer, full moon, mid-day sun

During this phase you might feel confident, flirty and sexy. After all, biologically, this is the moment in which there is the highest chance of getting pregnant! You might be more attuned to the world around you due to your senses being heightened. 


You feel good and self-assured, so this is the moment to plan that difficult work meeting, network and reach out. Socially, you might crave connection. Let's plan those dinner dates and dancing opportunities!


With your energy peaking, your body would like to get a sweat on. This is the time to get high-intensity workouts in. 


Eat light and easy-digestible food to keep those energy levels high. Also incorporate some anti-inflammatory fruits, like fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

Phase 4: Luteal phase (post-egg release)

We can also call them : autumn, waning moon, sunset 

At this stage, the body is possibly preparing for implantation of fertilization. If no fertilization has happened, the body starts to prepare for your period. Energy levels will be lowered and the social butterfly in you might dim. Focus on you and listen to your body, especially as you are moving towards your menstruation. 


Liking your own company in this period, focus on activities for yourself, in both your work- and social life. Get that admin done and focus on what feels good: there is no place for energy drainers in this period. 


In this phase, the body is suited to do strength training and pilates, as well as more restorative versions of exercise such as a power yoga class. 


Your metabolism increases, which means you will want more food. Focus on eating fiber-rich foods as well as magnesium-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, rolled oats to help with fatigue and to up your libido. These may include dark chocolate, spinach and pumpkin seeds. 

We hope that this article has given you some tips and openings that have made you curious about cycle syncing and the positive effects it may have on your life! Let us know which changes you are planning on making in your life to become the best version of yourself. 



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