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How period underwear is revolutionizing menstruation in Indonesia

How period underwear is revolutionizing menstruation in Indonesia

Menstruation is often still considered taboo topic to be openly discussed in Indonesia. As a result, innovation for feminine hygiene products are very limited. When it comes to menstrual products, 90% of Indonesian women are using single-use pads as the primary method. Single-use pads can be convenient, but they also have growing concern for our bodies and environment. Firstly, they often made from synthetic materials, including chlorine, phthalates, and fragrances that can be abrasive and irritating to the skin, leading to discomfort and irritation for women bodies. Secondly, the environmental impact of single-use pads is concerning. Not only requires a significant amount of water and energy for the production, but also the pads themselves contribute to land and water pollution when they are discarded to Indonesian’s landfill, threatening wildlife and ecosystems.

In light of these concerns, many women are turning to alternative menstrual products which produces less waste, including reusable pads and menstrual cup. While menstrual cup can be alternative in Western countries, however, not many Indonesian are familiar to put something into vagina, due to virginity issue. Tampons are very rare and expensive in Indonesia. Hence, having menstrual cup is also not culturally appropriate, especially for teenagers and conservative religious societies. This is why period underwear can be the best option to revolutionize menstruation in Indonesia.

Leakproof underwear, also known as period underwear, is a type of underwear designed specifically for use during menstruation. It has many benefits including leak protection, comfort, discreet feeling as well as sustainability for environment.  One of the main benefits of using period underwear is its leak protection. The underwear is designed with multiple layers of absorbent material, which can hold a significant amount of menstrual fluid without leaking. This makes it a more reliable option than traditional methods such as cloth pads, which can sometimes leak or shift out of place.

Another benefit of period underwear is comfort. Like regular underwear, period underwear is made from soft, breathable materials that are gentle on the skin. This can help to prevent irritation and discomfort, which is a common problem with traditional menstrual products such as single-use pads. While look like regular underwear, period underwear is also designed with thin and highly absorbent layers, allowing it to be worn comfortably without adding bulk and making it a discreet option for dealing with menstruation.

Most importantly, period underwear is also a more sustainable option for menstruation than single-use products. Unlike single-use pads, which are not biodegradable and contribute to pollution, period underwear can be washed and reused multiple times. A good period underwear is usually can be washed and reused 100x times or 4-5 years of usage. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option, as well as a more economical one.

In addition to its practical benefits, I believe period underwear is also changing the conversation around menstruation in Indonesia.  For example, in Perfect Fit, we promote period underwear by openly discussing menstrual health, breaking the stigma around menstruation, women bodies, and climate change to normalize the topic. This, in turn, is making it easier for women to access alternative information without having fear of being stigmatized and promoting the spirit of community driven movement to care about bodies and Earth.

In conclusion, period underwear is revolutionizing menstruation in Indonesia because by switching to period underwear, women can join the movement towards comfortable, convenient, and sustainable menstruation. Not only will they will experience the benefits, but they will also be contributing to a more sustainable and healthy future for all women, as most period underwear brands in Indonesia are women-owned and women-led business, including us.

So why not give a try? We may be surprised by how comfortable, convenient, and sustainable it can be. Join the movement towards comfortable, convenient, and sustainable menstruation and try period underwear today.


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