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Perfect Fit

Combo Heavy Set Period Underwear

Combo Heavy Set Period Underwear

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You save more with this set

Designed to cover your heavy flow menstrual days with extra protection, comfort and ease! 

This set includes 2 of the Full Brief Period Underwear.

No more worry on your heavy days and your overnight sleep.

Free heat patch with every purchase!

Feels: 100x better than single-use pads – no irritation and bulky feeling

Your Impact: 

  • Reduce 100 single use pads per year - more sustainable
  • Donate 2 reusable pads for women in need of period products in NTT 

Combo Heavy Set celana menstruasi ini cocok banget untuk kamu yang ingin tetap nyaman, aman, dan bebas melakukan hal apapun di hari menstruasi mu! No Limit to your best self! Period.

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Customer Reviews

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Andréa Kjellberg
Feel so comfortable and safe!

Very happy with both fit and quality. Instantly ordered two more pairs!

Why Perfect fit?

We are an impact driven brand that
use business to empower women
and protect the environment