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Gika Savitri: ‘There's no need to feel taboo when talking about menstruation

Gika Savitri: ‘There's no need to feel taboo when talking about menstruation

Zahra Shafa/Jantien Kingma


Gika Savitri is a digital marketer from Bali. Being a working woman and a wife, she strives to balance her personal and family life. To her family and those closest to her, Gika is known as someone who is vocal about raising issues that she thinks are important, including women's issues. ‘There's no longer any need to feel taboo when talking about menstruation or going to a gynecologist.’



Gika’s journey with Perfect Fit started 2.5 years ago when it just launched the first Indonesian-made leak-proof underwear. ‘I first used a menstrual cup, but after a while I felt uncomfortable. Finally, my friend gave me a menstrual underwear from abroad - at that time they weren't available in Indonesia. So I was really excited when I found out there was an Indonesian brand. I like wearing Perfect Fit when sleeping because I leak easily, and it often gets on the sheets. And it also has an economic advantage’, she follows. ‘If I have to buy sanitary napkins every month, it would be more expensive, not to mention if the sanitary napkins suddenly ran out in the next cycle. Now I'm calm because I will always have Perfect Fit for my periods.


She constantly shares Perfect Fit’s educational content to her circle, it makes her no longer feel alone to speak about women's issues. Not only Gika became more aware of it, but also for friends and people around her. ‘The other day I shared Perfect Fit with my friend, and she used it for her post-partum. She was so happy with it.’



The communities that were initially shy to talk about the issues are now more open. Even now, sharing about women's issues and menstrual products is no longer taboo. Without realizing it, Gika has become a changemaker in her family and circle of friends. She created a safe space for herself and those closest to her to speak out about things that were still considered taboo. (Zahra Shafa/Jantien Kingma)





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