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No More Irritation and Discomfort: Perfect Fit Bamboo Pads - Healthy & Sustainable Period Care

No More Irritation and Discomfort: Perfect Fit Bamboo Pads - Healthy & Sustainable Period Care

Worried about leaks, discomfort, and environmental impact during your period? Perfect Fit Organic and Biodegradable Bamboo Pads offer a solution that tackles all three concerns! But with questions about sizing, disposal, and where to find them, you might be hesitant to make the switch. Here's a breakdown to ease your worries:

Finding the Perfect Size

Perfect Fit comes in two sizes: Regular (24.5cm) and Super (28.5cm). Both offer 10 pads per pack and incredible softness. It caters to different flow needs:

  • Regular: Ideal for lighter flow days or those who prefer a thinner pad.
  • Super: Perfect for heavier flow days or extra security.

Real Users, Real Experiences

Wondering if Perfect Fit lives up to the hype? Here's what real users have to say:

  • Leakproof confidence: "I used it during my first day which is my heaviest flow, from 3PM to 8PM, with lots of outdoor activities, I still feel it comfort me well and doesn’t give me any itchy feelings, also it doesn't leak" - Imarida
  • Simple and sustainable "No leaks, comfortable, not itchy. It is a good product." - Belle Garde
  • Eco-friendly choice: "I appreciate the eco-friendly option of using the paper pack to wrap the used pad instead of relying on other materials like plastic bags. This aligns well with sustainability efforts and enhances the product's appeal to environmentally conscious consumers." - Ahapsari
  • Suit for those who are always on the go: "In general, I don't consider my flow as heavy as other friends' that I experienced very minimal leaks throughout my adult life. Even on the first 3 days (the heaviest flow, they said), I rarely experience leaks. I think Perfect Fit bamboo menstrual pad suits my needs, both the slim and maxi ones. Plus, even during the days when I need to be more 'active' (i.e., going outside, walking more, exercising), using these bamboo pads still feels comfortable to me." - Neyna Rahmadani

Disposal Done Easy

Perfect Fit pads are 100% biodegradable and can be composted at home within 6-12 months.  While home composting efficiency may vary, even in landfills, these pads break down much faster than traditional options, minimizing environmental impact.

Here's how to dispose of them easily:

  1. Roll and Wrap: Once finished using, roll the pad tightly with the provided wrapper for a clean and hygienic disposal.
  2. Bin it: Dispose of the wrapped pad in your regular trash bin.

Where to Find Your Perfect Fit

Ready to experience the comfort and sustainability of Perfect Fit? You can find them at:

Perfect Fit is also expanding to Tokopedia and other retailers. Stay tuned for updates on even more convenient ways to get your hands on these innovative pads!


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