Perfect Fit is a menstrual health start-up based in Bali, Indonesia who believes that everyone deserves access to safe, comfortable and affordable menstrual products and education.

We began as a social project in East Nusa Tenggara Province in 2018 and now paving our way to be a leading company for providing the best and the most sustainable period solutions.

Our mission is breaking menstrual taboos, empowering women to be the best version of themselves, and protecting our environment from climate change.


Hey, this is Tungga Dewi and Riesa Putri (Icha), Co-Founders of Perfect Fit. We used to keep our silence when talking about discomfort of our period from menstrual health products.

Until we learned that 95% of women in Indonesia have to use disposable pads due to limited options. Disposable pad is bulky, contains lots of chlorine that cause irritation, and takes 500 years to degrade on Earth. How come not many options for women?

Because menstruation is taboos, so not many innovative products created. That’s why we are here with you to bring innovation & create social change on menstrual health to empower more women and girls.

On February 2022, Perfect Fit signed the commitment to implement the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) by UN Global Compact and UN Women to our business.

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  • 2018

    We won a grant from Grand Challenges Canada to do a women's menstrual health project in Flores.
    The idea of Perfect Fit started and we began to develop reusable pads.

  • 2019

    With the help of local Women in Flores, we eveloped three prototypes that were then tested with local communities. Started to do market testing and sold 4,000 pads.

  • 2020

    We officially established Perfect Fit in Labuan Bajo! We produced 20.000 reusable menstrual pads with 1 superwomen from Flores. Most of our tailors are gender-based violence survivors and people with disability from low-income backgrounds.

  • 2021

    We decided to expand Perfect Fit as a menstrual health start-up with leak-proof underwear made in indonesia Product development & testing began. Perfect Fit won SEED Awards by UN Environment Program for our efforts in improving menstrual health in indonesia

  • 2022

    Launched the first leak-proof period underwear in Indonesia using OEKE-Tex Certified materials that are toxic (PFAS) free. Since then we have
    continued our efforts in making sustainable menstrual products
    education accessible to everyone.